Aktuelle Termine Sommersemester 2018

09.07.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Johannes Mitterer - “Flash flood modeling with Larsim” )
02.07.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Pablo Merchan Rivera - “Simulation of solute transport in transient groundwater flow during flood events” )
25.06.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Sonja Teschemacher - „Experimental and model based investigation of land use depending generation of direct runoff“ )
18.06.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Marco Borga (University of Padova, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry): “Flash floods in Europe” )
11.06.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Monica Basilio Hazas - “Groundwater advective fields under transient boundary conditions caused by fluctuating river stages” )
04.06.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Andreas Hartmann (University of Freiburg, Chair of Hydrological Modeling and Water Resources): “Recent advances in karst hydrology” )
28.05.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Nabeel Usman - “Flash flood modeling with HBV hydrological model”)
07.05.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Michael Neumayer - “Evaluation and optimization of hydraulic and hydrological methods for catchment dependent modelling of restoration and flood plain measures”)
30.04.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Tuo Ye - “Application of the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) in alpine catchments: pitfalls and solutions”)
27.04.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Primoz Banovec (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering) - “Modelling tools for flood management - application case Slovenia”)
23.04.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Qing Lin - “Hydrodynamic Simulation of Flash Floods in Urban Area”)
16.04.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Natalie Stahl (StMUV) - “N-A-Simulation von extremen Hochwasserganglinien unter Berücksichtigung von VbZugbahnen zur anschließenden vertieften Wirkungsanalyse von gekoppelten Hochwasserrückhalteräumen an der Isar”)
09.04.2018 Ph.D. Seminar (Ke Chen - „Dynamic analysis of water administration systems in China and Germany on regional scales“)