Ergebnisse der SuMaRiO Konferenz

Drei erfolgreiche Konferenztage gehen zu Ende. Herzlichen Dank an alle Beitragenden

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Tag 1

Opening Disse Markus Link
Climate Change and Water Cycle in Tarim River Basin of China Su Buda Link
Measuring and modeling on different spatial scales along the Tarim River Markus Disse, Joachim Müller, Karl Stahr Link
Water balance and simulation of eco-hydrological process along the Tarim river Zhao Chengyi Link
Urban Forests, Heat and Dust stress in Xinjiang cities Ümüt Halik Link
Ecosystem Services of Riparian Ecosystems Bernd Cyffka, Frank Thomas, Niels Thevs Link
Ecosystem Functions and Ecosystem Services Frank Thomas,Birgit Kleinschmit Link
Transdisciplinary assessment of ecosystem services in the Tarim basin Petra Döll Link

Tag 2

Introduction of the SuMaRiO DSS Andreas Brieden, Marie Hinnenthal Link
Regionalization of land use, groundwater and discharge along the Tarim River Philipp Huttner Link
Water allocation model for the Tarim River Yu Yang Link
Effects of Land Use and Climate Change on Groundwater and Ecosystems at Yingibazar by using the MIKE SHE Integrated Hydrological Model Keilholz Patrick Link
Cryosphere matters - attribution of observed streamflow changes in headwater catchments of the Tarim River Bruno Merz, Doris Düthmann Link
Weather modification and its development in Xinjiang since 1970s supported by government Cui Caixia Link
Soil salinity and cotton yield estimation on regional scale in Tarim River Basin using EPIC Model and SOTER-Database approach Hussein Othmanli Link
Towards a spatially distributed concept for cotton growth modeling by coupling the APSIM model with optical remote sensing data Joachim Hill, Sebastian Mader Link
After the browning: Assessment of long term greening trends of Tarim River Basin based on 1985–2015 satellite data Philipp Gärtner, Birgit Kleinschmit Link
Performance of Populus euphratica in riparian forests of the Tarim River Basin, NW China: Effects of use and distance to the ground water Frank Thomas Link
Aquatic Biodiversity of the Tarim River referring to macro invertebrates and fish - a crucial résumé Benno Kügel Link
The nonuse and long-distance values of a more sustainable oasis management in the Tarim Basin Michael Ahlheim Link